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Build 0.91 is out!
While fixing the bugs of 0.8 I stumbled into some HUGE bugs which I didn't find before. Fixed all of them in the current version. Some of the fixes include: - s...
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build 0.9 - fix for game breaking bug
Hi all, build 0.9 is out, hopefully there were no other strange bugs popping up! will update to a 0.91 soon, which will include other small bug fixes and feedba...
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build 0.8 has game breaking bug, advise to stick to 0.7 until 0.9 comes out!
Thanks to a tester it has come to my attention that build 0.8 has a game breaking bug in the last level. Please download build 0.7 until 0.9 comes out. Happy pl...
Build 0.8 is out!
Yesss, a new fresh build with some bug fixes, but also some game improving features! This could mean new bugs but as far as I've tested, haven't found any. If y...
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Build 0.7 is out!
Some bug fixes done, among which: - walking speed - new lightmaps for lvl3 - some menu stuff [but 'options' in menu still doesn't work during gameplay] - mouse...
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Alpha version [unstable] out now!
Hi there! I've managed to cram some time in between my schedule[s] to build a version of Peer to Peer which is playable. I am currently shaving down on bugs and...
Building Alpha Version Now, Exciting!
So I found the time to build an alpha version of my game. However! Itch apparently only allows me to upload a game not bigger than 2GB, so I am now doubting if...
Game Progress - first post!
Hi everyone! I am currently in the process of finishing the first draft of Peer To Peer 2023 and hope to be done in about 1 or 2 months. I got some technical th...
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- what kind of character did you end up with? - thoughts on your playthrough? What do you think happened?
started by Alyster 30 days ago
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Big bugs, small bugs, itchy bugs, sticky bugs.
started by Alyster 30 days ago
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Give me all your [on topic] suggestions!
started by Alyster 90 days ago
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